ONEX OX-301 Gas burner Weed burner with 3 attachments

ONEX OX-301 Gas burner Weed burner with 3 attachments

Professional weed killer for removing various weeds and moss. CE approved. Weeds can be removed easily and quickly.

With the weed burners you remove unwanted vegetation on small surfaces such as terraced paths and driveways, quickly and comfortably. The effect of the weed burner is based on exposure to the heat of the burner on the unwanted vegetation. This causes the wall cells to burst open and moisture to escape. The weeds wilt, turn brown and die.

By repeating this treatment every few weeks, the underlying root system will be depleted by loss of moisture and strength and the weeds will disappear completely. Do not burn the weeds black.

Only heat until moisture escapes from the leaf cells. With proper heating, after squeezing (between the thumb and forefinger) of a treated leaf, the leaf surface will become moist and turn dark. Weed seeds, algae and fungi are also not resistant to this heating.

The adjustable gas supply allows you to perfectly adjust the burner

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